• Build new cluster

    Build new cluster and set the failover for wvm1 - 4

  • Build new WVN host

    install blade and build wvm01 host

  • Engaged Leadership Initiative

    MSU's Engaged Leadership Initiative

  • HUB

    Hughes Undergraduate Biology program.

  • Install blade Build new WVN host

    install blade and build wvm02 host

  • Install blade Build new WVN host

    install blade and build wvm03 host

  • Library Digital Initiatives

    Please read "About Library Digital Initiatives" on the News tab.

      • Davidson Watermark Digital Collection

        In collaboration with the MSU Art Department we are proposing to creating a digital collection of Paul B. Davidson collection of watermarks. The items will be digitized and metadata records will be created in house, with the possibility of student interns...

      • Ivan Doig

        This is for the project management and digitization of the Ivan Doig Papers

      • John Galen Carter

        Resurrect 2009 carter-2204 digital collection.
        Phase-1: Audit and clean-up old records and bring into compliance with current configuration.
        Phase-2: Curate, unpack &/or scan digital files and add new records.

      • ML Wilson

        Migrate Archives ML Wilson Procite database (8,000+ records and about 2,000 scanned photos) and associated jpgs to standard app/DB configuration.

      • MSU Archives Trout Digital Initiatives Projects

        Top level project for multiple digital sub-projects associated with the MSU Archives Trout & Salmonid Initiative.

        • Trout Oral Histories - Phase 1

          Trout Oral Histories has multiple project development phases. Phase 1 - develop beta application with scalable infrastructure to support additional future design and functionality enhancements

    • DISC

      Data Infrastructure & Scholarly Communication (DISC).

    • ScholComm

      Scholarly Commications

  • Professional Council

    The Professional Council (PC) was established as a means of facilitating communication and cooperation among professionals, and communication with administration in the development of general decisions and policies which affect professional employees.

  • MREDI Precision Ag


    • Core Database

      This group will focus and research a new schema and technologies necessary to provide an adequate repository for precision agriculture data

    • Decision Support

      Development and Research of optimization algorithms for variable rate application (VAR) products in agriculture

    • Infrastructure

      This project focuses on providing an overall infrastructure/shell of complementary technologies designed to be highly modular.

    • QA / QC

      The purpose of this group is to collaborate to understand the flow of information and the various filters and rules associated QA/QC and with the creation of derived data

  • Remove Training/experience

    Remove Training Experience from Section A

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