Library Digital Initiatives: Development Project for Upgrades, Bugs and Enhancements

Added by Bonnie McCallum over 2 years ago

The Library Digital Initiatives (LDI) Portal has a new sub-project focused specifically on digital collection software design and development issues. The Digital Collections Development Upgrades, Bugs and Enhancements Project is where bugs, upgrades and enhancements for digital collections and associated databases and portals are identified and tracked through the software development cycle.

The project's issues: bugs, upgrades and enhancements, although typically applicable across all existing digital collections, are not restricted nor limited to all, and can be focused on any number of existing digital collections in production and/or design and development.

Library Digital Initiatives: About Library Digital Initiatives

Added by Bonnie McCallum almost 3 years ago

The Library Digital Initiatives is an portal project that oversees both proposed and approved library digital initiatives projects. Approved projects are those proposals that met the library's goals and strategic plan, and therefore accepted as digital projects for design, development and maintenance support by the Montana State University Library.

The portal contains documents and communications between the two Digital Initiatives leadership working groups: Digital Initiatives Steering Committee and Digital Initiatives Technical Committee. The portal is also the tool used by the library to project manage accepted individual Library Digital Initiatives projects.

MSU Software Developers: Campus Dev Lunch - March 12 (2 comments)

Added by Levi Baker over 7 years ago

Same place, same time.

MSU Software Developers: Next Campus Dev Lunch - Feb 19 (1 comment)

Added by Levi Baker over 7 years ago

Same place, time.

MSU Software Developers: Next Campus Dev Lunch - Jan 8 (1 comment)

Added by Levi Baker over 7 years ago

January 8, SUB Loft
Sack lunch for campus developers to meet and see what's happening around campus.

3rd floor by procrastinator, contact for better directions

MSU Software Developers: Cappuchino Talk Thur. (9/24) @ 1pm (1 comment)

Added by Jade Robbins almost 8 years ago

Ryan Heimbuch will be giving a talk about Cappuccino, an interesting web framework.

The talk will begin at 1:00pm in the Library of the Center for Computational Biology in 1 Lewis Hall at 1pm this Thursday (9/24).


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